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Netflix and Hulu Plus are the two biggest video streaming services out there right now. Netflix is bascially an online service that allows you to watch movies and television shows on your electronic devices. You can use a computer, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, laptop, or in some cases, even your television to watch shows or movies on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

The great thing about Netflix is that there are thousands of movies to choose from that you can watch instantly. Netflix has a wide range and diverse selection that you can choose from to stream.

“I like Netflix better because there is more of a variety of movies and it is easily accessibly on different game consoles and on Blu-Ray players,” Western student Alex Saxen said.

One of the biggest cons about Netflix is you have to be patient, they do not have all the current seasons of televisions shows available when you want them. They’re always a season behind with the television shows. On top of that, not all movies that are on Netflix are available to stream instantly. With newer films, you generally have to have them shipped to you via mail and return them when you’re finished watching them.

Hulu Plus is just like Netflix to a certain extent. Hulu focuses more on television shows and has a large selection of television shows to watch instantly. New episodes can be watched on Hulu the day after they air. Hulu really excels at having a big selection of television shows to watch. Hulu has roughly twice as many television shows as Netflix does. Hulu also has current seasons, so they are far more up to date with their content.

Student Zack Price said it was really hard to choose but he feels that Netflix has a little bit more to offer, even though he uses and enjoys both services.

A big difference between the two is that Hulu Plus has a very limited selection of movies to choose from. Also, Hulu doesn’t have as many exclusive movies and documentaries as Netflix does. Hulu does have a lot of original shows though, from a web series to a collection of older films or animated shorts.
Similarities between the two are that they both offer a free month trial and then cost $7.99 a month after the free month ends

Stephen Johnson says he likes both Netflix and Hulu Plus. He says that Netflix has good movies but Hulu is like television for college students because you can watch shows that just aired the day before and that gives you the opportunity to catch up on what you missed.

Netflix seems to get more attention from students on campus because although Hulu Plus has way more televsion shows to choose from, students go after watching movies rather than just television shows.

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