Creative artwork for sale by student artist

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Tables are filled with student created sculptures, and the walls are adorned with covered canvasses. Student artist await the purchases of their art at the annual art sale.

Missouri Western students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to purchase student art work on April 26 and 27.

The Griffon Art Alliance is a student group on campus who comes together and shares their talents with fellow students at Missouri Western and their community.

The Griffon Art Alliance art sale is a free event that is held to support fellow student artists enrolled in art classes. The event will take place in the Potterhall hallway next to room 101 starting from 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. both days.

Missouri Western art students who want or have made something in an art class have the opportunity to sell any of their art pieces at the Griffon Art Alliance event.  Artworks that will be displayed include pottery, paintings, drawings, graphics, print making and more.

Each student prices their own artwork individually. Prices will possibly range from a minimum of 3 dollars to a maximum of around 100 dollars.

Only 10 percent of the art proceeds will go to the Amy Singletons Scholarship Fund. Amy Singleton was the secretary of the Art Department who passed away a few years ago and a scholarship was started in her remembrance. The Scholarship is for art majors on campus and all portions of sales at the Griffon Art Alliance event will be put into that fund.

Ceramics instructor and Assistant Professor of Art, David Harris believes the Griffon Art Alliance event sale will have a great turnout this semester.

“The art sales we have at end of fall and spring semesters always goes well and I hope this one goes wonderfully,” Harris said.

Ceramic student, Patrick Larsen feels students should come to the Griffon Art Alliance sale and support the art students as much as they can.

“They should come to support fellow students and acknowledge all of the hard work that the artists on campus put into their artwork,” Larsen said.

Jane Travis, art student plans on selling around 100 pieces of her ceramic artwork and feels that students who come to the art sale will be huge support.

“Seeing fellow students come support the artists who work hard and sell their artwork would be really nice and they can also buy some really nice artwork at a reasonable price,” Travis said.

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