3OH!3 Brings the Party to Western

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This Friday night, there are going to be a lot of hand signs going up at The Civic Arena in Saint Joseph. For Boulder, Colorado natives Sean Foreman and Nat Motte, who make up the band, 3OH!3, their performance at Western’s spring concert will give fans a taste of what the duo has become famous for, hosting a wild party. With four hit records under their belt, as well as a few notable duets with Katy Perry and KE$ha, 3OH!3 is taking the music scene by storm and they don’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

“We started playing live shows right as we started making music, so that’s very important to us,” Motte said. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to put a smile on people’s faces and make them have a good time.”

Snagging this notable band for Western’s spring concert was a real success for the Western Activities Council. Every year, the council scours through tons of information to find and book an artist or group that fits within a certain budget and appeals to a wide array of students. 3OH!3 definitely does that.

“3OH!3 is a very mixed genre of music. There are elements of dance, pop, electronic, rap, and dubstep,” WAC president Lauren Dillon said. “It is the kind of music you want to hear when you go to a party because there is a good beat and it is fun to dance to. I think they appeal to a lot of students because they have a college feel to their lyrics because they are words meant for a mature audience and you will be surprised how many songs of theirs you know from going out to parties and clubs.”

For Motte, it’s this “college feel” that rings true in most of their music. The carefree attitude of the band’s lyrics mixed with their gritty dance beats come together for the perfect party playlist. It’s this marriage of fun and release that college students can latch onto. And Motte is very happy about that.

“Honestly, we really love playing college shows. We have a history of playing great college shows,” Motte said. “Sean and I both went to college and we graduated. We had a great time in college, so I think our music kind of applies itself well. Our general montra for our live shows is to put on a party and have fun.”

Doors open at 6 and the party gets going at 7pm. Before 3OH!3 brings the boom, two opening acts will perform, XV and Sammy Adams. With a show this jam-packed, there’s no way students won’t get lost in the music. Dillon is excited for students to see what WAC and 3OH!3 have in store for Friday’s show.

“This concert is different from ones in the past because we usually don’t have three musical acts,” Dillon said. “Students should attend because it will be the biggest party of the semester. We will be giving away giant glow sticks and throwing out beach balls during the concert and all of the performers are the kind that you just want to dance to.”

For WAC, this show is shaping up to be a real bash. Freshman member Sam Morgan, who just so happens to be a 3OH!3 fan, thinks the show is really going to be worth students’ while.

“3OH!3 has a very unique music style and way of writing and performing songs,” Morgan said. “They can really make a crowd come alive through their act.”

3OH!3, who got their name from their area code in Colorado, are really excited to put on a show in Saint Joseph. Tickets are free to Western students and can be claimed in Blum 207. If you like to dance, 3OH!3’s concert is the place for you to let loose and pretend you don’t have a paper to write by Monday morning.

“I think, for us, performing is all about throwing a party and having fun, us having fun on stage and making sure everyone is having a good time,” Motte said. “That’s always been kind of an essential thing at our show and that’s what gets us going.”

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