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Nontraditional Student Association holds “Playdate and Swap Shop” event

Clothing, books and children’s toys were spread across numerous tables in Blum 218 last Friday as members of the Nontraditional Student Association held their very first “Playdate and Swap Shop” event.

Students were encouraged to come and donate as well as pick up anything that caught their eyes during the event.

“It’s viewed as sort of a spring cleaning idea,” Jason Mullin, member of the Nontraditional Student Association said.  “As kids get older their clothes don’t fit anymore, so instead of throwing them out, students can donate them here.”

Along with all sorts of clothes and toys, students who arrived brought their children to the event as well.

“We encourage any students who have kids to bring them,” Delisa Richardson, president of the Nontraditional Student Association said.  “As parents, we realize that when we do anything, it’s important to involve our kids.”

The children who arrived were given plenty of space to run around and brought coloring books to draw in while the parents socialized and laid out their donations.

“This event is more family oriented,” Minerva Torres, advisor for the Nontraditional Student Association said.  “But that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t come in and donate or have a good time.”

A projector was available the children to watch movies or play video games as well as food and drinks for the parents.  Torres said it was important for these students to be able to bring their kids to events like this and have a good time.

The Nontraditional Student Association had been struggling for well over a year since the original leader of the organization had to leave.

“A lot of members will graduate each year,” Mullin said. “When they do, there’s a lot of restructuring, rebuilding and reconnecting, and that was a big problem one semester.”

Under new leadership, the organization hopes to increase awareness of its goals and ambitions through many different events.  Richardson said the organization planned to advertise through word of mouth, fliers and possibly sites like Facebook.

Members of the organization are hoping that the “Playdate and Swap Shop” event becomes successful among the students at MWSU.

“We’re hoping to make this a bimonthly event,” Richardson said.  “We know how difficult it can be for students to go to college while trying to take care of their children, and it’s events like these where we’re trying to give them a place where they feel comfortable.”

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