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Missouri Western Harlem Shake

Missouri Western students found a way to shake things up a bit here on campus. Missouri Western student Cody Beyers decided to get as many students as he could to produce a Harlem Shake video after he heard about how popular it was.

The Harlem Shake dance is a popular style of hip-hop dancing. The Harlem Shake has taken over YouTube, with videos ranging from local church groups to an underwater shoot of a synchronized swim team. Thanks to the video going viral, people everywhere are grabbing a ridiculous prop, looping their hands around a video camera, and doing the Harlem Shake. Once Beyers saw how popular the Harlem Shake was, he immediately got students together to start working on the video.

“After I saw how many people were tweeting about it on Twitter, I wanted to see how many students would want to do it before the dance became unpopular,” Beyers said.

Once Beyers got the students together, it took them around 30 minutes to get the video the way he wanted it. Once it was edited, it was posted to social networks online. Western isn’t the only school jumping on this bandwagon. Schools all over the country have joined in on this rapidly-growing trend.

The Harlem Shake dance has become very popular in a very short amount of time. The song that accompanies the video that everyone is talking about is by a musical artist called Baauer. It’s an uptempo song that made people all over the country, and at Western, want to get out of their seats and dance. Beyers thought that allowing students to participate in the Harlem Shake would be a great way for students to have fun on campus.

“Honestly, I was just glad to see everyone dancing and having fun. It’s a way to get people to open up and to get people to actually want to participate in something,” Beyers said.

Five Australian teens uploaded the very first Harlem Shake video on February 2. In order for a video to qualify as a Harlem Shake video, it must begin with one person dancing by themselves, with a crowd of people behind them. The crowd is still for the first few seconds and everyone in the video is holding or wearing some sort of prop, like a mask, a feather boa, or another random accessory. The first person dances alone for about 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, the beat drops, and the crowd behind the first dancer starts dancing too, and the last 15 seconds of the video are utter chaos. The whole video lasts only 30 seconds.

Missouri Western’s Harlem Shake video featured around 30 students in it. Just like the original video, it started off with just one person dancing, which was Joseph Bridgman. During this sequence, people just walked back and forth, acting as if there was nothing going on. After that, the students behind Bridgman started dancing like crazy.

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