Western student Shelby Bratton lives each day to the fullest

When it comes to free time, Shelby Bratton doesn't have a lot of it. She juggles her time between nursing courses, studying, and leading her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. Shelby Bratton is president of the sorority, and with that presidency, comes a lot of responsibility. On top of her sorority involvement, Bratton is also one of only three African American students in the nursing program, and she is very proud of that. 380681_1649940770783_1977939593_n "Black history month means honoring our ancestors and people who fought for our freedom and gave the right for me to be all that I can be today in the world and how much its evolved, so it's simply just honoring the people who got us to this point where we could actually be equal." Bratton said. Bratton recalls where she came from, and is grateful for all the change that this month represents. For inspiration and guidance, Bratton looks to her grandma because she's a very strong woman. She also looks up to her mother and father because they are some of the most hard working people that she has ever seen in her life. Outside of her family, Bratton also looks up to President Barack Obama, and says that he's a great role model for young African Americans. "I love Barack Obama," Bratton said. "I just think he's amazing. Despite all the curve balls that get thrown at him, he keeps his head up high and doesn't let anybody make him get out of character." Because of all the positive role models in her life, it is easy to see why Bratton chose to help others when she graduates. The nursing program at Western has only three African American women in it, and Bratton is one of them. Pursuing her nursing degree, and doing all the right things to get to her graduation day, are very important to Bratton. "I feel like I can't be late, I feel like I just always have to be on my p's and q's and be on top of my stuff," Bratton said. When it came time to decide what she wanted to do with her life after high school, Bratton decided to become a nurse because her mother is one of the most important people in her life and her mom is also a nurse. Bratton volunteered at Heartland Regional Medical Center and couldn't help but see herself working there in the future, delivering babies. Shelby Bratton has many responsiblities on campus but those responsibilites won't stop her from pushing toward her dream of being a nurse. Bratton loves where she is in her life, and being president of Delta Sigma Theta has been very rewarding for her. She loves her role because she gets to meet all kinds of wonderful people through the sorority and she gets to travel. All in all, Bratton has the tools and the fire to persevere through anything, much like her family and ancestors had to do all those years ago. She has one wish and that's that all of the greek organizations at Western can join together and be completely unsegregated.

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