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A Chinese New Year Celebration will hit Western’s students with traditions not seen before.

Western will host the second annual Chinese Festival.
Western will host the second annual Chinese Festival.

To the Chinese culture, the New Year celebration is the most important traditional holiday. The New Year celebration marks the end of winter season, and spring season begins on the Chinese calendar. Missouri Western will be introducing students to new cultural events and activities.

Along with the help from Chinese professor Juan Wang, she said the Chinese community will also take part in helping with the festival.

“It’s like Christmas, family members get together for a new year,” Wang said.

The theme this year for the Chinese’s New Year celebration is called, “Year of the Snake.”  Students will be able to attend this event on Monday, Feb. 11 in Blum 218 at 4:30 p.m. The New Years celebration for those of the Chinese culture shows the black Snake is going to be an exciting year for many in the world.

The Chinese New Year celebration is a great way for students to learn about a new cultural experience and it encourages others who want to take part in a foreign language. Students who attend will receive a better understanding of Chinese culture, traditions, legends and customs.

Missouri Western student Fan Biao said he feels that students will learn more by attending the festivals that Western plans to provide for students, faculty and the St. Joseph community.

“They will get to see how Chinese people celebrate their New Year and that it’s a time for families to share their happiness,” Biao said.

The New Year festival will also have many activities for students to get the cultural experience. There will be different stations available for students who want to experience listening to Chinese music with folk instruments such as, the Erhu and the bamboo flute. Likewise, students will get the chance to make dumplings, lanterns, and houses. Samples of traditional dumplings and other Chinese food will be served and weather permitting, a sky lantern will be held.

As a Chinese professor here at Missouri Western, Wang is excited to show students how important the Chinese celebration is and looks forward to a great turnout.

“Come and experience the people and culture as well,” Wang said.

Along with Wang, Western student Yawel Zhu said he recommends classmates to attend the Chinese New Year Festival who want a better understanding about Chinese culture

“The experience will be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to learn a different culture,” Zhu said.

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