There will be a lot of hark’s, hither’s, cometh’s and wassail’s heard coming from Fulkerson Center on Thursday, Nov. 15.

The fourth annual Lights and Tights Musical Renaissance Fest will begin at 6 p.m. with a social hour then continue at 7 p.m. with a dinner accompanied by entertainment.

“You will hear professors assume the accent and ‘talk in the era of yonder year’ which is really a lot of fun,” Sarah Waters, vocal performance major, said.

The actors and singers of this event are to stay in character the entire time almost like the characters you see in the Renaissance Fair.

“It’s primarily ‘throw in ancient terminology’ whatever you feel like throwing in,” Waters said. “A lot of therefore’s and though’s and ‘What does though take to participate in our competition today?’ We may refer to things like vehicles as ‘strange contraptions that have no horses’ or something like that.”

The cost for the Lights and Tights show is 35 dollars for the general public. There is a discount made available for students with a cost of 25 dollars. The cost for faculty, staff and retirees is 30 dollars. A person may want to act fast, the deadline to get the tickets and make reservations is on Monday Nov. 12.

Tickets and reservations can be made by calling 816-271-5647 or by going online to www.missouriwestern.edu/foundation and click on Event Registration.

“We’ve actually lowered the price substantially from the past,” Roger Hale, Assistant Professor of Music, said. “In the past it’s been 50 dollars but now, the cost is only 35dollars. It’s a fundraiser where you get entertainment and a meal. A plus this year is that it’s going to be a great concert with a little bit of acting.”

The money from this fundraiser goes towards the Renaissance Singers.

“The renaissance singers don’t really have any funding at all,” Hale said. “The costumes that we have are really high end. I got a quote for new costumes from the same company where we got our current costumes and they were 1500 dollars. These are really fine costumes we have now but, there are a few that are getting worn out. In order to get enough money to buy even a couple new costumes we decided to have this type of event to benefit it.”

In previous years the Lights and Tights festival was a joint venture between the Renaissance Singers and the Music Theatre department. This is the first year that the Renaissance Singers are doing this on their own, only because the Music Theatre department has a lot of shows on their hands at this time. It has been reassured that not many changes will take place however.

“We have almost kind of the same script, because we have a lot of the music students who were also in musical theatre,” Kim Weddle, Executive Administrative Associate, said. “There’s going to be some acting involved. We are also going to have a dance like we had before.”

Weddle goes on to say how there will be plenty of audience participation, “It’s not just going and absorbing. You kind of participate with it as much as you want to.”

Whatever it is that may be involved with this event, it sounds like a lot of surprises may be in store around every corner.

“Lights and tights is always a lot of fun because there is always that random moment,” Waters said. “Last year we included something called the nose flute, which we don’t know exactly how renaissance that is, but it’s very entertaining. It’s literally an instrument you play by blowing through your nose.

Waters encourages that Lights and Tights is for the entertainment, for the laughs, and really to ultimately have a good time.

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