WAC to host Heart Your Union event on Valentines day

On a day were love is shown in a variety of ways, WAC will host the "Heart Your Union" event from  11a.m. to 2p.m. upstairs in Blum Union and the event is free for all students. The event will be treated as a welcome fair to all students who are new and also returning back to school for the second and final semester of the year. Lauren Dillon, president of WAC said she compared the event to the same welcome fair student’s participant in at the beginning of the year. “Heart Your Union is on Valentines day so that’s why we went with the heart theme,” Dillon said. “We compare it to Western warm-up like the welcome fair that you have on the first day of school. We want to help people become more familiar with the student union and what resources you can find there.” Dillon noted that she wanted students to see that there was more than just food and book store sources in blum. There are many other resources available for students to take advantage of. “The Academic department comes, different organizations and it’s kind of a second semester welcome fair,” Dillon said. “We also want to give it a Valentines touch by giving out snacks and the Health center will be doing Free HIV testing to go along with Valentines Day and the whole relationship thing.” Administrative Coordinator Kathy Kelly was the creator of the program a couple of years ago and she started it to lend a hand to students on campus who wanted to get familiar with their student union. “This will be the third year,” Kelly said. “We felt like we had this union with all these student friendly programs similar to CSE and there resources. My goal was to show students everything the union had to offer to students and organizations.” MonTerio Seewood, student senator at Western said he attended the event last year. He found the program very useful and felt that student’s walk away learning more than expected. “It was a great experience,” Seewood said. “It gets students more aware of their school while also checking on their health. They have a lot of events that will benefit not only the university but the students as well.” Dillon believes that students should keep in mind that this is spring semester and that different organizations are trying to fill future vacant positions as well as recruiting for fraternities and sororities. “Greeks start to recruit in the spring,” Dillon said. “This is the time for other organizations to recruit for members. WAC has a table and we talk about upcoming events we have coming up later on in the semester. Tutoring and career resources will also be available for students.” Dillon said keep in mind that some students are entering to Western for the first time this semester and this should help them get more comfortable. “We all forget that there are those students that did not come in first semester so they don't get to do some of the things that other students may have done first semester. This is our way of sharing that experience with them."

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