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Top positions in Career Development vacant

“Our office is completely empty,” Claire Busby, program assistant for the Career Development Center said.

When entering the Career Development Center at Missouri Western, students will notice that the doors are shut and the help is gone. The positions of administrative assistant Deanna Greiner, student employment coordinator Matthew Gregg, and director for career development Donnell Turner, have become empty over winter break.

The two top positions became vacant when Gregg and Turner decided to enhance their own careers and families. Program Assistant Claire Busby said that Gregg had been with the Career Center for the past 5 years and he was looking for a different opportunity outside of Missouri Western.

“Gregg received a job in Kansas City with a big bank,” Busby said. “It was a great opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.”

Shortly after Gregg left this past December, Turner left his position as the director. Busby said that Turner’s family was having a difficult time adjusting, considering they were originally from Chicago. She continued to say that their Administrative Assistant left a few weeks ago after receiving a better job offer.

“They weren’t really conducive to the small town atmosphere here in St. Joseph,” Busby said. “He searched for a job in a more metropolitan area and is now in Boston, so our office is completely empty.”

Judith Grimes, associate vice president for Student Affairs, is taking the reins and leading the Career Development Center. Her position as the associate vice president requires her to look over the department, but after the three positions have become vacant, she’s been spending much of her time in Eder 202.

“Though it’s challenging,” Grimes said. “I’m thankful that we have some wonderful people helping out in the Career Center until we can find individuals to fill these important positions.”

The offices of Director and Student Employment Coordinator will remain empty at this time until the new Vice President for Student Affairs is selected. Grimes said that the Vice President for Student Affairs is an important office to fill quickly so the individual selected for that position can fill these positions soon.

The Career Center is still up and running with the help of Grimes, Busby, Minerva Torres, and the Non-Traditional Center, which has stepped up together and are continuing the fairs and events for the spring. Busby, who is a public relations major, believes that with the three individuals gone that she can apply what she’s learned in the classroom to her job.

“I kind of have to look at this as an opportunity,” Busby said. “We have two big career fairs and the education exposition this spring.”

Minerva Torres has jumped from one position to the next to help out the Career Development Center with internship planning, jobs and other duties.

“Minerva has run a health center,” Grimes said. “Torres’s educational background in leading groups makes her a great asset to the office.”

The office is still open for students to come in and visit with Torres or Busby regarding internships, jobs or interviews until the positions are filled.


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