The search is on for the new associate vice president

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The search for the next associate vice president of financial planning is in its early stages just days after Rick Gilmore, the previous associate vice president, retired.

Cale Fessler, vice president for financial planning and administration, is currently searching for a new associate vice president to replace Rick Gilmore.

After 26 years of serving Western, Gilmore retired in January.  Since then, plans to find a new associate vice president have slowly started to form.

However, those involved in finding his replacement are aware that this process takes time.  Shelly Scott, recruiting specialist for Human Resources believes the process will not happen overnight or even within the next month most likely. The applications for the position have been released and the decision is one that’s made with the top administrators of Missouri Western.

“I’m not sure if they’ve done anything yet,” Scott said.  “But we have posted the position.”

Kylee Strough, chair of the board of governors, meets regularly with other board members to discuss certain events pertaining to Missouri Western.  She is also invested in the college’s goal to find a new associate vice president for financial planning as soon as possible.

“Although I’m not aware of any deadlines or possible candidates as of yet, I know that Cale Fessler wants to get that position filled as soon as possible,” Strough said.

Fessler agrees that he is eager to find a new associate vice president to help manage the various accounting and finance departments at Western.  However, he understands that decisions like these can’t be made overnight.

“These things take time, but we’re currently in the process of the preliminary review for the job description,” Fessler said.  “Right now, we’re looking over the responsibilities and qualifications of the position so that we can put together an applicant pool.”

While there is no list of potential candidates at this time, Western has been internally and externally advertising the position.  Fessler is most likely looking for similar credentials to that of the previous associate vice president Mr. Gilmore, Strough said.

“Cale Fessler might also be trying to find someone with skills to compliment his own,” Strough said.  “That way, he can help to build a stronger department.”

Fessler said that his job involves financial planning and oversight as well as accounting, budgeting and financial aid services.  He works very closely with human resources and has meetings with its members frequently.  The associate vice president of financial planning will most likely help to keep track of these various departments along with Fessler, who is also fairly new to Western.

“We have a great staff here at Missouri Western,” Fessler said.  “Everyone is helping out so that we can find a new associate vice president as soon as possible.”

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