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It is so hard to come to class during this time of year. The only encouragement is the occasional person that is dressed for extremely hot weather just a bit too early. The type that have nothing on the legs but are wearing a down-filled winter coat are most amusing. It’s at good look for those with great legs, but some just look strange.

Some have no coat and very little on. Maybe they are just warmer blooded than others. They may be from a much colder climate and this weather seems hot to them. Anyway, keep up the partial nudity, some students enjoy the view.

Other distractions from real studious behavior is the fact that everything needs to be done at home as we change from winter to spring. Now the grass needs to be mowed, flowers need planting, and there are many outdoor recreational activities. On top of that it just feels good to set and do nothing.

They used to call it spring fever. It’s when people just set on the porch and watch the dandelions take over their yard. Homework and texts can wait as exhausted students hold down their favorite hammock or other lawn furniture. The problem is when students stop nothing else does.

The semester has only a few weeks left. Finals are coming and with them final projects. There is never enough time to do a good job. To get students focused it is helpful to remember those days of anxiety they feel when the due dates or test dates are looming and they are not ready.

It’s another of those pesky lessons students learn without any instruction. The lesson is time management and it is hard to master. Most error by not managing their recreation time well. Doing nothing is not recreation, and it takes all day. The first step is to find an activity you enjoy. If you don’t have a favorite activity try something new.

People often overlook activities such as dancing, archery, shooting at the range or hunting. These activities are not only a more constructive way to recreate but also qualify as exercise. list these activities and other you may not think of as exercise on their iPhone ap. Members of the website can record the calories burned in some unusual activities to assist in weight loss.

Planning recreation can actually increase more productive time. Allowing a limited time for recreation will actually give you more time later to be productive. You will need an occasional break as we near the finish line. Plan and limit distractions and exercise, but do not let distractions take too much time.

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