Student Success Holds Stress Workshops

Student Success hopes to improve the student experience through its stress management, test anxiety and test-taking workshops. Missouri Western is offering students a set of workshops to help them fight and even control their stress when taking tests or just dealing with a difficult class. The workshops will help with stresses that are a huge part of students’ lives. It’s those terribly powerful feelings that have caused many students to drop out of difficult classes or even quit college altogether. “Stress is a part of all of our lives,” director of student success and academic advising Elaine Bryant said. “This workshop focuses on stress management, coping strategies and even test taking.” Fortunately, this workshop not only covers common techniques to deal with test anxiety, but it covers multiple types of tests. The workshops will help with test anxiety and help deal with the student’s ability to answer questions correctly. “We focus on many different types of tests, from multiple choices to essay-based exams. There are techniques to deal with each of them,” Bryant said. Peer advisor Tasha Ewing agrees that stress can be managed in many different ways. She said they’re hoping to teach students some interesting techniques that will help them deal with stress. Freshman Alex Luke said that stress can be very difficult to deal with at times. “Along with classes, I’m working two jobs,” Luke said. “I would be interested in attending to see what techniques are being covered.” Originally beginning in the fall of 2011, the stress management workshops have become popular with students looking to control their test-taking anxiety. Assessments are also given at the end of each workshop for students to voice their opinions on what they enjoyed or wanted more of from the workshops. “We want to make the program better,” Bryant said. “Assessments are a great way for students to tell us what they liked about the workshop, but they also help us to understand what else we could be doing to make the experience better.” With turnout increasing each semester, Student Success has helped many students deal with the stresses of college life. The workshop will be held from February 20 through February 27 in Eder Hall, Room 208. We encourage all students to come and join us, Bryant said. Student Success will be offering other workshops later in the semester that focus on registration and four-year planning. For more information on Western’s Student Success workshops, students can visit Eder Hall. Room 209.