Student government election season begins

March is in sight and so are the elections at Missouri Western. [caption id="attachment_16494" align="alignleft" width="150"]Mary Beth Rosenauer and Dereck Thompson (left) are running against Katy Sisco and Dillon Williams (right). Mary Beth Rosenauer and Dereck Thompson (left) are running against Katy Sisco and Dillon Williams (right).[/caption] Students have submitted their applications for different positions in hopes of becoming Student Government Association president or vice president. The Western Activities Council president and vice president will also be chosen, as well as student senators. Katy Sisco will be running for president of SGA, while Dillon Williams is teaming up with her as her potential vice president. Sisco and Williams will be running against Mary Beth Rosenauer, a presidential hopeful, and Derek Thompson, who will be running with Rosenauer as her vice president. Anthony Dougherty is running for WAC vice president and Brooke Witthaus is the candidate for vice chair. Morgan Lindgren, director of student relations, will be conducting the election process, as well as other activities, including the debate. “As the director of student relations, I am also considered the elections commissioner,” Lindgren said. “I helped get the applications prepared and available for students. I am working on putting the names online as well.” “Elections will be March 6th and 7th and voting will take place online from the Missouri Western website,” Lindgren said. “The debate will be March 4th at 6:00p.m. in the  Enright building, rooms 214/216.” The election will also include 15 candidates, who have filed for student senator positions. The candidates are Taylor Enyeart, Kal Farley, Charles Flemons, Brandon Grieshaber, Daniel Hager, Brandon Hare, Travis Hart, Julie Hodson, Jonathan Hund, Shelbie Kirkendoll, Allie Mayes, Tyler O’Neill, Alexis Rivers, MonTerio Seewood and Jacob Teasley. Travis Hart, student senator, will run for senate for the second time and if elected again, he wants to build new programs for Western and its students. Hart said that he enjoys being on the senate because he knows he is doing what he can to better his school. “I would like to continue to work on various pieces of legislation that I am currently working on now,” Hart said. “I really enjoy serving as a student senator. I work with faculty, staff members and students from all across campus. It is really humbling to be able to serve and make a difference.” Lindgren said that applications for positions were due on February 15 and candidates did have to meet certain requirements in order to be billed as a candidate. “These are all the people that turned in applications,” Lindgren said. “We sent out emails, we tweeted about it, and we even had posters hanging up around campus, allowing students to be aware of the due date. We tried to get the word out there.” “All of those names will be on the ballot,” Lindgren said. “They had to meet the GPA requirement and they also had to be a full-time student by the time next semester starts.” Lindgren encourages students to get out and vote this year. She noted that full participation from all students on campus is something she is promoting heavily so students are able to have a say on who is being elected. “We hope that all students can vote so their voice can be heard,” Lindgren said. “It would be great if they could come to the debate so they can hear the candidates’ plans and ideas for the upcoming school year.”

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