SGA should consider bribing students to vote

Student Government Association. The highest governing body for students on a university campus is not simply seen just as leaders but more of a gateway to achieving expectations. It’s just sad that when this group of individuals work to accomplish goals and help improve the way of life for students that they can’t even get 30 percent of the student body to vote. I think what makes it even worse is that you have events such as a casino night that brings out over 800 or even 1000 students for one night to gamble fake money to win prizes. There’s a real problem when you start seeing students care more about a flat screen television than about pieces of legislation that deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars toward programs for education. It’s not a negativity thing toward events for universities; it’s the fact that our student body is not being persuaded to vote for our SGA leaders. Students who run for senate and SGA do work hard regardless of what the press and student body might think. It takes individuals who are willing to work hard every day to help ensure the best education for students if important issues come their way. Now, there are decisions that the student government makes that are confusing and sometimes out there. However, the way to get back and elect students into the Student Government is to vote. No, you won’t get prizes for voting for a student in an elected position. But, you will elect a student that you believe will have your best interests in mind when it comes to the hard decisions. The solution is simple... Either the SGA needs to start having a casino night where students must vote before going to gamble or they need to change their strategy and tell the student body that there are issues that could drastically affect the entire student body, which means each and every one of us. We’ve seen what the SGA has been through with the budget crisis, alcohol policy and smoking bans. These are issues that affect students, all students. Maybe, SGA should consider scholarships for student senator positions to get more people involved and maybe increase the number of people voting. The more people that run, the more people vote. These individuals have friends, these friends will vote for them and it will increase the voting statistics. It’s time to wake up and come up with a strategy in time for the upcoming election.

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