Professor leaves mark after 34 years of teaching

After many years of grading papers, lecturing about the ins and outs of English and Journalism, and assisting students on their journeys into the real world, Dr. Kenneth Rosenauer is ending his 34-year run at Missouri Western. This semester will be his last and he is excited to pursue his own goals outside of Western's campus. [caption id="attachment_15680" align="alignleft" width="150"]After 34 years of teaching at Western, EFLJ professor and Western graduate Kenneth Rosenauer is retiring After 34 years of teaching at Western, EFLJ professor and Western graduate Kenneth Rosenauer is retiring[/caption] Rosenauer has been teaching since 1974, and in 1979, he found a home in Missouri Western. It wasn't the first time he had been inside the confines of Western's halls as Rosenauer had been a student at Western himself. As a student, he took as many journalism classes as he could and received a journalism minor. While at Western, Rosenauer was heavily involved in both the Griffon News and the Griffon Yearbook at Western. He also earned his masters degree in English and PhD in Journalism. For a long time he considered going into studio photography or working as a journalist when he graduated. "It's been a good run, I've enjoyed doing this over the years, but it's gotten to the point where one thing I hate is grading papers. It becomes tiring," Rosenauer said. Rosenauer has had the honor of teaching at the same university his children attend. Two of his children have taken classes here, and his youngest daughter is still enrolled. So far, none of them have been in his classes so he hasn't had to worry about mixing his personal life with his professional life at all. "I've never taken any of my dad's classes but I am in an English class so he always wants to help with homework. He knows when I have homework and when everything is due, so I think having a dad as a professor means he knows a lot more about your life," freshman Mary-Beth Rosenauer said. Dr. Rosenauer hopes his retirement will give him the opportunity to do some other things and spend more time with his wife. "The first thing I'm going to do after retirement is take a three week trip with my wife, just the two of us," Rosenauer said. "We've been blessed in many ways and hope to add a few enhancements, maybe a couple special trips." When the vacation's over, Rosenauer hopes to continue to do some part time work, especially in the journalistic field. He wants to continue writing and spend some time as a working journalist. Though he is moving on, he will definitely be remembered by his peers and friends at Western. "I will certainly miss him. He's been here a long time and has shaped the journalism department. He started the convergent media degree here," English department chair Michael Cadden said. "His leaving is going to be difficult for the department. Ken is a good colleague and a fun guy to have around."

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