Pay our faculty hourly for the work they do

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Having a Ph D doesn’t automatically mean that you’re the best person for the job.

There’s a huge difference between a professor with tenure and an instructor. Yes, a professor is one who has worked his way up the ranks to receive a doctorate and receive a bigger paycheck.

There are many instructors and adjuncts hired by the university that work hard and tireless hours to ensure that their students are up to date on where they need to be.

Missouri Western has a lot of good examples of instructors and adjuncts that work not just during the school day, but when they’re off the clock as well. Thomas Hanrahan, visiting instructor of Journalism and Mildred Boring, part-time professor of Mathematics work day and night for little money. Why? Because they care for their students and want them to be successful.

It just seems interesting that our part-time faculty aren’t paid fairly. It’s easy to come back with an answer such as they don’t work as many hours per credit or don’t have tenure. The obvious solution is for universities to start paying these individuals hourly, considering their extra hours of help and dedication to the students.

Those who work full-time and are dedicated to the students outside the classroom need to be paid the same as well. If they’re putting in extra time to work with the students then at the end of the day, they should be paid hourly as well.

There will be arguments back and forth on this issue and that’s okay. It just needs to be stated that there are educators on this campus who work just as hard, if not harder than some professors with the highest degrees in their fields.

Real-world experience is what we as a university need. Instructors, along with part-time faculty, have real-world experience as well and have been known to help their students with internships, jobs and discovering where they belong.

It’s time that universities, not just Missouri Western, look at their faculty and see who works beyond the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. Educators such as the ones mentioned work throughout the night at home and help their students on weekends.

When you have a professor or instructor working with you on a project, assignment or future job, consider the fact that they probably aren’t getting paid for that time. It’s time to open up and find places where we can find funding to help pay our educators fairly.

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