Assistant Dean reflects on roots

Isaiah Collier, originally from Ohio, was first employed at Bradley University. Collier attended the University of Akron. Isaiah Collier is an African American who is the director of student life and also assistant dean of student development on the campus of Missouri Western State University. He has been at Missouri Western for a little over a year now. Collier oversees non trad students. He wants a lot of student's to get involved with activities going on around campus. Collier also puts on different event's for campus like homecoming. Collier directly advises WAC (western activity coucil.) "the students is what I enjoy most about campus, every student is different and brings a different amount of energy to the table everyday" Collier said. Collier values having that direct contact with students on campus. "I wish that we had more students, it would be great to have more students to engage and assist" Collier said. Isaiah Collier is also over the Greek Community on campus. He deals with traditionally African American Fraternities and Sororoties. Collier really apprectiates his job because it allows him to be creative and innovative but also working with colleagues that has a open share vision. The job that Collier has is not easy and can't be done with just one person. He has also advised with registering student organizations, western warm-up and Family weekend, a long with all the other organizations he puts on for campus. Colliers job is really important and the activities he organizes are all important to the students here on campus. Collier is very good at getting students attention and helping them want to be apart of the different activities on campus. When you talk to him you will most likely get a good laugh from conversation. He knows how to talk to students and find someone to make them smile. The kind of energy he brings to the campus is very helpful for the students. Students wouldn't be as involved with activities on campus if he did not have the kind of energy or sense of humor that he has. Collier has a lot of responsibilities and has a done a great job for the campus already.

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