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How to: Eat healthy on campus

When you’re hanging out in your dorm room and you suddenly get hungry, where do you go? There’s the cafeteria, Einstein’s Brothers Bagels, or Quizno’s Subs. But how do you resist a mouth-watering everything bagel with extra cream cheese or an ice cream cone at the cafeteria when you’re trying to change your eating habits? Eating healthy on campus can be difficult, but when you take simple things into account, like the caloric intake of the foods you’re eating, keeping your waistline under control becomes much easier.

Choosing to make healthy choices starts with breakfast, and at Western, you have a lot of options to stifle your morning hunger while keeping track of the nutritional facts of the foods you’re eating. Western’s cafeteria, located in Blum Student Union, offers a handful of dishes for breakfast each day. There’s buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, and fresh waffles. But don’t run up to the food counter with an empty plate in hand and pile all these tasty treats on just yet. Those buttermilk biscuits contain more than 162 calories per serving, not to mention over 21 grams of carbohydrates. The scrambled eggs are packed with more than 331 milligrams of cholesterol and 163 calories per serving. And those waffles, the ones that you’re gonna drizzle with syrup and lather with butter, already contain over 568 calories per serving. The healthiest breakfast item on campus is the turkey sausage patty, weighing in with only 67 calories per serving.

When lunchtime rolls around, don’t immediately rush to Einstein’s and grab yourself a pepperoni pizza bagel, which contains 440 calories. At Einstein’s, you can get a fresh garden salad, at only 220 calories, or chicken noodle soup, at 120 calories. The bagel thins at Einstein’s only contain 140 calories, so those are a good snack option. The only problem is that if you get a bagel, you might want to get cream cheese, and one plain container of cream cheese contains 120 calories. The light option contains 80.

For dinner, Western offers a lot of options, like healthy subs at Quizno’s. Here, you can find a whole slew of sandwiches, each under 500 calories. There’s the baja chicken sandwich, the veggie guacamole, the basil pesto chicken panini, the prime rib philly, the ultimate turkey club, and the honey bourbon chicken sandwich. If you’re not in the mood for a sub, Quizno’s also offers salads, wraps, grilled flatbreads, and soups. The peppercorn caesar chicken salad, broccoli cheese soup, honey mustard chicken salad, Mediterranean chicken salad, and the cobb salad are all also under 500 calories.

Eating healthy can be tricky, especially on campus. With all the junk food taunting you in the C-store, it’s hard to keep your taste buds in check and opt for healthier options instead of calorie-filled ones. Set a regular snack time for yourself and stick to it every day. That way, you aren’t just eating when you get bored or when there’s a lull in your homework schedule. If you cook anything in your dorm, keep in mind that the healthiest way to prepare foods is to steam them. Try to avoid add-ons like butter or oil if you can. Ultimately, finding healthy foods on campus can be done. You just have to know where to look.

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