Graduate studies program stays strong

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Dr. Benjamin Caldwell is the dean of the Missouri Western’s Graduate Studies program. Missouri Western offers around 20 master degrees. Missouri Western also has some of the lowest graduate tuition around.

Heather Howard, former Oklahoma State University women’s basketball player, but present Missouri Western basketball player, is a graduate student here at Missouri Western. She is also involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus.

“I really enjoy and appreciate the fact that there’s even this opportunity here to further my education and to be able to play basketball,” Howard said.

Howard is getting her masters in Sports Management.

“I wanted to become a grad student in order to advance my education, and possibly put myself ahead of someone else during a job application process” Howard said.

Howard plans on getting a job in either coaching or sports business marketing or management.

Tiffany Goldwire, former player for the head women’s basketball coach Rob Edmisson, is now a graduate assistant for the women’s team.

“I think being able to help out coaching the women’s team at Western, is real good practice for me and has shown me a lot that I will take with me when it’s my turn to take on a coaching job” Goldwire said.

Goldwire is studying Sport and Fitness Management. With that degree, she wants to become a basketball coach for high school.

“I became a graduate student to further my future and have more options for jobs” said Goldwire.

Anthony Medina is a graduate assistant for the men’s basketball team at Missouri Western. Medina is working on getting his master’s degree in Sports and Fitness Management.

“My goal is to be a head men’s basketball coach at the college level. I used to define my success as becoming a Division I head coach, but my experiences playing NAIA and as an assistant at the Division II level has changed the way I shape my goals,” Medina said.

Medina became a graduate student because it gave him an opportunity to further his education and pursue a career in basketball.

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