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Students and faculty are emphasizing the importance of student employment on and off campus.

Students across campus are finding that being employed by Missouri Western is definitely worth looking into.

“Working on campus is incredibly convenient,” Brendan Welch, english workshop leader said.  “If you have some time between classes, it’s nice to make a bit of money while helping other students.”

Brandon Grieshaber, a student worker at the registrar’s office, agrees that working on campus is convenient for his often hectic schedule.

“What I really enjoy about working on campus is how well they’re able to work around my schedule,” Grieshaber said.  “They’re very understanding when it comes to school work and outside activities.”

Whether you’re leading a workshop or helping a professor set up a lab, there’s definitely no shortage of jobs available to students.

“We have all sorts of different jobs on and off campus,” Claire Busby, program assistant for the career development center said.  “From office assistants to tutors, the jobs being offered cater to virtually any major.”

Missouri Western has also made the process for getting these jobs incredibly easy for students through their website as well as professor recommendations.

“The process for getting the job wasn’t very complicated at all,” Grieshaber said.  “After submitting my resume and applying for some jobs, I got a call within a week asking for an interview.”

CSO: Jobs for Griffons will link students directly to a site where jobs in the community as well as jobs on campus are being tracked.  After submitting a resume and having it reviewed, students will be able to start applying for jobs online.  The cool thing about this site is that it allows students to apply for many different jobs in a short amount of time, Busby said.

Some professors are also trying to recommend some jobs to their students.  One of my professors actually recommended I become an English workshop leader said Welch.

There are also some jobs that require a specific set of credentials from students.

“There are entry level jobs for freshman,” Busby said.  “But some jobs, like tutoring, require you to be an advanced student in that area.”

“I had to turn in some examples of my work and have a professor recommendation, but the whole process was pretty simple,” Welch said.

Summer jobs are also available on campus.  Students need to be taking at least six credit hours in the summer in order to work on campus, Busby said.

Students can access employment options from Missouri Western’s career development page.

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