Editorial: Possible breath of life for Blum

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With funds that were set aside for cuts in the budget at Western that never came to fruition, there are talks about remodeling the Blum Student Union building.

Blum is pretty sterile and not very inviting to students at all as it is now, and the remodel could go far to boost the moral on campus.

Walking into Blum is kind of like walking into the waiting room of a hospital. Everything in there is tucked away around corners, it is usually quiet and mostly empty aside from meal times and over-all has an almost depressing vibe to it. Not to mention, the second floor is like a gloomy maze to navigate through.

Western should not only remodel Blum, but they really need to take a look at resources available on campus to keep costs down and allowing for a larger more complete project.

They should use students to help with the planning, design and decoration. The administration should work very closely with the students on campus through-out the process because the students know what they like and what functions best for them.

They need to consider more than just rigid functionality in the design they need to make it a hub for students, something we can take pride in. Including the students in the entire project would give them that sense of pride and a sense of having accomplished something while giving students that are getting degrees in areas that are involved hands-on experience.

They could add activities to Blum as well. They could add pool tables, games, music and one student even suggested adding a small arcade.

One idea, with the high price of food at Western, is to bring in a restaurant that maintains a dollar menu so students who live on campus have cheaper food options.

We realize that there is a budget involved here and know that not everything that students want may be possible and a lot of things may be wish-full thinking. It is very important though when doing something like this on campus that it be done with the students interests in mind or Blum will remain Western’s waiting-room.

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