Eboni’s Enlightenment: There’s no partying if you’re dead


As busy college students, we have a ton of duties. We go to class, go to work and finish our assignments. We pay bills, fees and tuition, and this is only a fraction of what we have to do. It’s the same routine over and over again.

And with all of our responsibilities and long lists of things that we have going on, it would make a lot of sense to place our health in our back seats. That is until it bites us in the ass, literally!
According to Registered Nurse Marti Burri, one out of every four students tested at the Esry Student Health Center comes back positive with a sexually-transmitted disease. If this doesn’t shock you enough, maybe some statistics are in order.

According to the Huffington Post, one in two sexually active young people will get an STD by the age of 25. Every year there are more than 19 million new cases of STDs in the United States. More than 50 percent of sexually active people will get HPV at some point during their lives.

So it’s quite simple. Out of you and your partner, statistically one of you will receive an STD and probably sooner than later.

So, what do we do? It’s quite simple people. We need to protect ourselves. The problem is not that we are uneducated or unaware of what could happen to us. The problem is that we as a generation are just lazy. We are too lazy to put the condom on and too lazy to take our birth control. We are too lazy to get tested every year and too lazy to ensure that we are being safe and honest with ourselves and who we are sleeping with.

I’d be an idiot to tell you to stop having sex. Telling our generation to stop having sex is like telling us to stop texting and driving, stop drinking a couple beers before getting behind the wheel, stop texting that girl or guy that you know really doesn’t care about you – but guess what – you’re going to do it regardless. Why?

When it comes down to it, we are a generation of risk takers and even though we know what we should and shouldn’t do, we are experts at doing the wrong thing and making excuses for it.

There’s no reason to be proud of why we do the things we do, but there’s no reason to be in denial either.
It’s a lot easier to start using condoms and birth control rather than refrain from what you want to do in the bedroom. Taking extra precautions may be annoying, but they’ll be worth it.

Women can start carrying their own condoms just in case you’re involved with a man who doesn’t care to strap up. Men can be proactive by always using a rubber and disregarding when a woman says, “I’m on the pill.” which could easily be a lie.

It’s quite simple, folks – stop lying and start being honest. Protect yourself and put yourself first before anyone else you’re giving your body to. It’s not rocket science. Strap it on and don’t take it off.
Just remember Drake’s famous expression “You only live once.” And there’s no more partying or risk-taking if you’re dead.

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