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For the students who hate the fact its country coming to St. Joseph for the spring concert; get over it!
I’ve heard enough people say, “Why does it have to be country?” This is usually followed by, “no one listens to country.”
Well just in case you need a geography lesson, you go to school in St. Joseph, Missouri. This isn’t exactly Harlem or Los Angeles. We are completely surrounded by rural little farm towns, and you’re going around saying that no one listens to country? Just because country isn’t your thing, doesn’t mean no one likes it. Take note if you’re from Kansas City or St. Louis, there are a lot of students here who come from small towns where country music isn’t about to die out anytime soon.
What is it that rap artists even do that is a “must see” live? All of their music is prerecorded stuff anyway. They don’t play instruments. They don’t sound the same cause they run out of breath. At least with country music you know they are making the music while they sing, whether it’s a guitar or mandolin or whatever. They don’t sink as low as the rap artists who sound like they just plug in their iPod to a big set of speakers and sing along.
Don’t get the idea that I’m some diehard country fan who hates listening to everything that doesn’t have a banjo. I’m a fan of all music. I’ll listen to Zac Brown one minute and Kid Cudi the next. I love rap just as much as country. But when it comes to listening to live music, rap artists really can’t compete quality-wise with any other genre. I was one of J-Cole’s 30 or so fans that showed up to last years’ spring concert. That show was a complete bust for fan turnout, and you don’t hear people saying “no one listens to rap.”
So even if a genre were to get cut out of the rock, rap and country cycle of our spring concerts, I would be shocked if rap wasn’t cut. It’s not just a Missouri Western thing; it’s for the St. Joseph community too. The fact is that there are tons of country fans in the St. Joseph area. I mean, I haven’t exactly heard of a rap radio station that comes out of St. Joseph, like 92.7 for country.
Rather it’s 30 fans or 3,000, show some respect for what other people like to listen to, and not just think about you.

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