Candidate Shana Meyer makes her argument for VP

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Mark Stier and Dr. Judy Grimes are two current western employees that have made it known that they are running for VP of Student affairs. Shana Meyer a employee Fort Hayes State University stated her case Feb. 14 when she held a speech for students and staff in Spratt.

Meyer comes in with a strong resume to support her and her main topic was about the opportunities and challenges that come with having a successful Student affairs program.

“When I think about the key areas of opportunity and challenges for any campus, I think of three things,” Meyer said. “I think of the people, the places, and the purpose. What are we without the students, and what are students without educators?”

Meyer received her education from two different Universities. She received her Doctor of Philosophy, Student Affairs in Higher Education from KansasStateUniversity.

In august of 1995 she received her Bachelor of Science, English/Journalism, and Communication Minor at Emporia state University, while also achieving her Master of Science, Counselor Education, and Student Personnel Emphasis from Emporia state in 1997.

With the generation changing from different technology and more advanced programs being installed, Meyer said that it is important to have an upbeat and active student affairs office.

“In order to effectively serve all of these people and diversity of learners, a vibrant student affairs commission must be able to provide adequate staffing to continue to address the demographic change,” Meyer said. “Today’s students are certainly not yesterday’s students.”

“When it comes to challenges and opportunities, the people associated with the university, fortunately or unfortunately present both challenges and opportunities,” Meyer said. “We got technology, returning veterans, increase instances of mental health issues, and simply a new generation that is different than our generation.”

Meyer has gained experience working as the Assistant Vice president of student affairs at FortHayesStateUniversity from 2006 to present.

She served as a member of the Senior Student Affairs administrative team, collaborating with the Enrollment Management and Student Services Clusters to focus on administrative planning and policy development.

She also served as a member of the President’s Cabinet, administratively planning, developing policy, and creating constituency building affiliations with other Cabinet members such as the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Provost, and Academic Deans.

Through most of the experience that Meyer has received at FortHayes, she has learned how interact with not only administration but also with students around her campus.

Meyer noted that establishing different goals for the program and making sure it goes down the right path has to be one of the main focuses from the student affairs office right now.

“I think that we need to know where we are going,” Meyer said. “I don’t think one person will create that so I think it starts with relationship building. I like to look at the politics of a situation and the context of a situation. With that being said, I think we need to have goals laid out and an understanding on where we are going.”

The goals that Meyer could set if elected could affect that senate including student senator Travis Hart.

Hart said that he understands that whoever is elected VP is important to him because that VP will have a final say on any programs or bills that he or any other senate might want to pass.

“I think that the VP of student affairs should work with students and the student government,” Hart said. “To have an open door policy is really important. The VP student affairs have the option to veto legislation and the senate. Recently we have not had anything vetoed from my understanding.”

Hart noted that the next VP will be important because there are issues now that need to be handled and the VP of Student affairs will dictate what happens with those issues.

“The VP of student affairs also advises student government,” Hart said. “We tell them what is going on around campus and if we ever need help with drafting a policy or creating legislation, it’s best to have a VP in place that has an open door policy.”

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