Campus Voice: What is your reaction to the Western’s harddrive security breach?

By Andy Garrison

February 4, 2013

Question: Hard-disk drive containing thousands of student's personal information temporarily out of MWSU possession, what is your reaction? Sean McConnell - Freshman CVoice info release 1 A: "Didn't really have a reaction to it (e-mail release), I just kind of glanced at it." Trent Moss - Freshman CVoice info release 2 A: "Pretty mad because if that's my information out there that's not cool!" Amanda Francis - Freshman CVoice info release 4 A: "I'm glad I haven't been here that long." Jessica Helm - Freshman CVoice info release 3 A: "I'm glad that's not me and I really feel sorry for the people who are freaking out right now!"  

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