A night of jackpots: Western hosts casino night

Jackpot. [caption id="attachment_15481" align="alignleft" width="150"]Students gather together on Casino Night to play poker with each other and to win prizes.  Gilbert Imbiri | Asst. Photo Editor Students gather together on Casino Night to play poker with each other and to win prizes.
Evan Roberts | Photo Editor[/caption] The second annual Casino Night at Missouri Western drew in a crowd of over 800 students, faculty, staff and administrators. Before the doors opened at 8:00 p.m. on Feb. 7 crowds of students lined the halls waiting to enter Fulkerson Center turned Casino. The prizes this year that were purchased by  Student  Affairs ranged from a big screen TV, Play Station 3, Xbox 360’s, cameras and Missouri Western apparel. The event was put together by Residential Life for one of their late night events.  The event last year was  held in a smaller area and Mark Sier, director for residential life, believes that moving it to larger location will be a smart move as he thinks the attendance number  will grow. “Last year we had this event in the dining hall,” Stier said. “We had over 600 students last year attend this event, so we needed to move it to a larger location.” Daniel Banks, junior, said he expected this year’s casino night to be better than last year. The prizes have been displayed in Blum for weeks, which Banks believed was a good advertisement since the big prizes appear to be an incentive for students to come. “This is not my first time going,” Banks said. “I'm going to have a good time, possibly hangout with some friends, see familiar faces, and hopefully win a nice prize.” The event featured staff and residential assistants as card dealers for the students. Kiara Robinson, freshmen is an RA in Scanlon and said that all the RA’s are working the casino night except for a few. She said the event would be a fun experience since it’s her first time. “I’ve never gambled before,” Robinson said. “It’s a fun event that brings everyone together from residential life to commuters.” Keira Ridgins, freshmen, said they came out tonight for one thing only, and that was to win the big prizes. They both have never gambled before and thought the opportunity to come out and give it a try was worth it. “It’s fun because we weren’t using real money,” Ridgins said. “So, I can use this fake money to win some awesome prizes.” The event brought out non-traditional students, commuters and residents for a night of glamour and luck. Andria Brown, freshmen, thought the event was a great way to go into the weekend and hopefully win a prize by the end of the event. “The thing that brought me out tonight was all the stuff that will be given away in prizes,” Brown said. Casino night ended its second year with the number in attendance of more than 800 as compared to 600 students last year. [gallery ids="15612,15611,15613,15482,15481,15468,15463,15462,15461,15460,15459,15458,15455,15454,15452,15451,15450,15447,15614,15448,15444,15445,15446"]

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