Rick Gilmore retires after 26 years

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Rick Gilmore, vice president for financial planning greets a crowd of guests at his retirement party.
Rick Gilmore, vice president for financial planning greets a crowd of guests at his retirement party.

One administrator started out walking the halls as a student and is now retiring, saying goodbye to students as they wander the halls he used to roam.

Rick Gilmore, associate vice president for financial planning, has retired after 26 years of service to Missouri Western. He said he’s been working for 38 years in the accounting, finance, and business fields and he is looking forward to retirement.

“I’m going to take it easy for a while and adjust to being retired,” Gilmore said. “My wife and I have decided we’ll take some day trips and then plan a vacation later on this spring.”

The associate vice president has spent many years seeing Western’s budget exceed and recede, but he said he wanted to retire now because he knew the time was right and he wanted to leave on a high note. He led the Administrative Division during a period of transition for a third time while at Western.

“I performed the duties of Vice President and Associate Vice President successfully to close out a fiscal year,” Gilmore said, while completing yet another refinancing project at the request of the President.”

Gilmore’s retirement shocked those within the administration, though all of his colleagues wished him the best of luck in the future. Dr. Jonathan Yordy, vice president for university advancement, said that though he’s only been at Western for a little over seven months, he has valued his colleague, Mr. Gilmore.

“He is very likeable and has a great sense of humor,” Yordy said. “He has served the university faithfully for 26 years, and everyone here wishes him the very best in this new phase of his life.”

Gilmore said that under his leadership, there were a couple of achievements that he’s extremely proud of. He managed the accounting, budgeting, purchasing and finance departments since starting his career at Western.

President Dr. Robert Vartabedian said that during his presidency, Gilmore has worked hard for the university and has exceeded expectations. He said that Gilmore is very dedicated to the university, has a great work ethic, and is knowledgeable in the position he served in.

“I think he leaves a legacy of a very dedicated upper administrator,” Vartabedian said. “He not only graduated from here, but he came back here to work for the vast majority of his time here.”

The associate vice president also coordinated eight bond issues in the last 22 years, generating approximately $100 million for either construction funding or re-financing. He said he coordinated three issues in the last four years, generating over $52 million, which helped the university to construct facilities such as the residence halls and numerous other buildings on campus.

“Those achievements could not have been accomplished without the teamwork and collaboration of many individuals,” Gilmore said. “Especially my colleagues in the accounting services, business office and purchasing departments.”

Gilmore began his career as a student in the halls of Western and will leave Western after his long career in higher education. He said that he enjoyed the university environment and will miss talking to the students as they go by in the hallway.

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