Student Senate works to fill empty seats

Missouri Western State University’s student government is currently struggling with its lack of senators due to numerous graduations and resignations. This past fall the Missouri Western Student Senate saw its first filled senate in the past year. Now, the senate faces Senators who have resigned due to reasons of graduating or internships. Senators Kyle Beavers, Lauren Prywitch and Desorie Banks have resigned along with Sterling Fletcher who was appointed a Senator in this past fall semester. “As of right now, we currently have around sixteen members in our senate,” Lauren Upton, SGA vice president said. “We hope to have twenty senators come election time.” Conflicts in scheduling for classes, internships, and students graduating are all playing a huge role in why the number of senators is in decline. Currently, the Student Senate at Western is lacking members compared to that of Missouri State Southern University. At the moment, MSSU currently has around twenty-five senators with only one or two vacancies said Malorie Cashel, the Director of Student Activities at MSSU. “Some members just have other obligations while I know of a few who have left due to internships,” Travis Hart, student senator at Missouri Western said. However, the student senate at Missouri Western recently added a new senator, Brandon Grieshaber, a sophomore at Missouri Western. Both Hart and Grieshaber claim that they were approached personally by a member of the SGA to see if they were interested in joining. However, Grieshaber believes that for the senate to grow in membership they will need more than personal invitations. “We need to advertise more and let people know that seats are open,” Grieshaber said. “When I was a freshman, I had no idea what Student Government was, and that needs to change.” The SGA hopes to recruit more students to their cause. Elections for next semester are in just a few months and the members hope to find ways to recruit new students to join their organization. “The SGA is aware of a few people wanting to join,” said Upton. “We’re also hoping to get some associate senators to sit in on some of the meetings.” According to a press release today by Jacob Scott, SGA president, the student government plans to fill empty seats as soon as possible through the use of applications for any new senators. There are also some positions up for re-election as well for those interested in running. The deadline for applications is February 15th with elections taking place on March 6th and 7th.

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