Editorial: Give students a fair chance

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Missouri Western has always been about the little guys.

So when the Student Government Association decided to change its process for how its annual SGA t-shirt is chosen, they didn’t consider the little guy. The SGA executive board disregarded what this university means to some students; a chance to shine.

In the past, students submitted their design to the SGA and the student body was able to vote on all of the designs. Sure, this process meant that the SGA had a lot of submissions and the students had a lot of choices, but too many choices is never a bad thing.

This year, the SGA Executive Board chose three designs from the about 15-20 student submissions. Students have already voted the t-shirt and the winner will be announced at the Feb. 13 basketball game against Washburn. We don’t know the process of elimination that took place. We don’t know the list of who submitted what or if any of the final three came from the same people.

The only thing we do know is that, according to Ashley Stegall, SGA’s executive board wanted “to try something new.” But obviously they never heard of the old adage; if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

The creator of one of these three designs will also win $200, or four students’ semester SGA fee that they paid. Our SGA fee also pays for the printing of these shirts. These are our shirts, so we should be given the full list of options to choose from.

Additionally, two of these designs were created by the same person. Even if the process of elimination was blind to those who designed the shirts, this still wasn’t fair to all of the designers or the students voting. Diversity is important to Western and so is giving everyone a chance.

This year’s voting is over and so the winner is not disenfranchised. We don’t want to change the past. In the future, the SGA should be clear with everyone on how the competition will work. If the amount of entries is too many, SGA should limit the number of entries to one per person. If needed, a secondary round of voting could be used.

No matter what, every student that submits work should have their work showcased. Western is about opportunity and SGA shouldn’t take that away from people.

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