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Cale Fessler named VP for Financial Planning

New Vice President for Financial Planning believes his position is more than a job; it’s an impact on his life.

Cale Fessler, the new vice president for financial planning at Missouri Western said he has spent most of his professional career up to this point in private Higher Education, but has always recognized the value and strong academic quality of public higher education. He said the Vice President for Financial Planning and Administration position at Missouri Western offered an opportunity to take on new challenges.

“Missouri Western has had such a positive impact on my family as both my mother and oldest brother graduated from Missouri Western,” Fessler said.

Fessler said his background in private higher education at William Woods helped shape his professional character in what he believes is very positive. He’s proud of he and his office at William Woods for refinancing its 1999 Bond Issue.  This refinancing saved the University over $1.4million in interest payments over the remaining life of the bonds and reduced the repayment period on the University’s bonds by four years.

“My work at William Woods has helped me to understand and appreciate the varied contributions of faculty, staff, students, and administrators, as well as the importance of honesty and transparency, the value of collaborative budget development, and the need for fiscal responsibility,” Fessler said.

Rick Gilmore, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning said Fessler is a likeable person and appears to be very intelligent. However, he believes that there is a clear difference between Cale Fessler and Mel Klinker, former vice president for financial planning. He believes that Klinker has more in depth experience, and a broader scope of experience than Mr. Fessler.

“The search committee recommended that Mr. Fessler be brought to campus for an interview, which turned into a full day of interviews with various groups, including President Vartabedian,” Gilmore said. “As a result, President Vartabedian offered him the position based on his qualifications.”

A colleague of Fessler, Scott Gallagher, university vice president for Williams Woods says Fessler has a wealth of experiences and was part of a successful administration that will serve Missouri Western very well. Gallagher describes him as hard worker, who is extremely loyal and honest.

“First of all, Cale has a proven record of accomplishments,” Gallagher said. “I worked very closely with him and found his counsel very helpful.”

Though Fessler may have had success at Williams Woods, here at Western he believes it’s too early to expect changes from his office. He said being new to the Vice President position at Missouri Western, it is difficult to state at this time what potential changes may or may not occur in the office.

“However, I believe the previous Vice President instilled an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency and that is something I hope to continue as the new Vice President,” Fessler said.

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