Board of Governors adds two new members

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Brig. Gen. Gregory Mason and Alfred Purcell have been appointed by Gov. Jay Nixon to become the next Board of Governors for Missouri Western. President Dr. Robert Vartabedian said the appointments were very competitive and the two men appointed have different backgrounds of knowledge to bring to the board.

“Alfred is kind of a legend within the community, serving on many boards and the MWSU Foundation,” Vartabedian said. “Mason, I’ve seen in action, he’s a former graduate of Missouri Western and is a passionate advocate for Missouri Western.”

Vartabedian describes both men as roles models not only to the student body, but to the entire community. Purcell has held executive positions with Xerox Corporation and Mason serves as an Assistant Adjutant General-Army in the Missouri National Guard.

“My military background with my leadership and managerial skills with a large organization has served me well,” Mason said. “Also, my civilian background in law enforcement and working with people from all walks of life is a personal asset.”

The Board of Governors will soon meet with one another, and Kylee Strough, chair of the Board of Governors, said she was looking forward to learning about both of the governor’s backgrounds and how they will contribute to the board in the future.

“We are excited to meet our fellow members and hear their perspective on issues that we discuss,” Strough said. “Each man has substantial qualifications.”

The call for Mason was one that he said he will never forget. He was notified by Gov. Nixon’s office on Dec. 12. Based on his knowledge of the board he doesn’t see a need for anything different or changes yet.

“I was very happy to be selected to serve on the board,” Mason said. “I do not have any concerns now, but I’ll wait to get on board fully to discuss the future with the other members.”

Strough said the president’s office should be in touch with each governor to schedule an orientation prior to their first Board meeting. Both gentlemen will be sworn in at the January meeting.

“I know Mr. Purcell as we have worked together on the MWSU Foundation and other community committees and boards. I think highly of him and am excited to work with him in the future,” Strough said. “I have not had the opportunity to meet Mr. Mason yet, but hope to in the next couple of weeks.”

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