Women’s basketball program getting better

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Women’s basketball has done nothing but prove they’re the real deal this season. You can look forward watching a winning program here on out.
A new coach, new players and a new system all at the same time usually means it’s time for rebuilding. Which in fan terms means a season to forget about. In fact, this one could be considered one to remember.
With the football team’s historic season being over, it’s hard to transition into the ‘basketball season’ state of mind. There’s no better way to bring out the basketball season feeling than by winning right out of the gate. That is exactly what the lady Griffons have done.
The most exciting part about this season is going to be how the team is nothing like they were last year. Even with some of the same players, they look like they don’t even play the same way.
Some people find it hard to take games seriously in the beginning, because it isn’t conference play. When really, conference play or not, this team already matched last season’s total wins in just their first eight games. Also, last year’s team made it to post season play on seven wins. Imagine where this team could end up. Most coaches will tell you that no other stat matters. Winning says it all, and this team keeps doing it.
Also, most coaches will tell you that defense wins games. This team is backing that theory up. Last year’s team held their opponents to an average of 72 points per game, while this year’s team is holding their opponents to just 60 points a game.
It’s a lot easier to win when the other team doesn’t score as much.
On top of a better defense, this teams offense looks much more fundamentally sound than last season did. This season, in the team’s first eight games they have already had five different players be the leading scorer on the night. This shows how well the team moves the ball and creates different looks when something isn’t working. Last season, the team had just five players be the scoring leader least once all season; Jessica Koch led seventeen of those games. If Koch was having a bad night, then the team was having a bad night. The team has moved on from the Kobe/Lakers style of play and works the ball around to whoever can get the best look and take the best shot.
In order for last year’s team to win, a player had to score at least 23 points. Only one time did they win with a player scoring less, and that was Brittany Griswold who dropped 17 as they pulled out a win against Northwest.
This season’s team’s highest score by one player so far was Lanicia Lawrence. Ironically, that was on the night they lost. They’ve shown that distributing the ball more wins games.
There is no reason to believe that they can’t keep these numbers up throughout the season. Coach Edmisson has shown that he knows how to win. We’ll see if he can continue his winning ways in conference play.

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