There is no existence of a perfect body

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Admit it, we have all seen television shows or read about how women need to have the perfect body.

We are all taught to love our bodies no matter what, but how are you supposed to do that when the media has a negative effect on women’s body type?

There are so many people I know from my college, hometown, softball team and  family that are under so much pressure just to look one way. It’s like society wants you to be a certain weight, a certain jean size, or even a certain height.

Obviously everyone I know is different, and anyone you know can probably tell you something that they don’t like about themselves. It might be that they are too fat, too skinny, have a belly pudge, have love handles, have thunder thighs, oh wow I could go on and on about what girls portray themselves to be.

The thing about it all is, is that no matter who you are no woman is really accepting of her looks or body type. You watch shows, you read magazines, you see Victoria’s Secret models and you think that they have the perfect body and that they are confident. Did you know that with that perfect body they portray, a lot of it comes with Photoshop?

Even the people you think are perfect look at them every single day and continue to see flaw after flaw, just like we all do every day. We cannot keep putting ourselves down every single day because it isn’t doing us any good. Stop trying to have that perfect body because it probably is not ever going to happen, or at least you will never be fully satisfied with your body.

I have played softball my entire life and I have never had small legs. I have bigger legs because as a catcher I relied on my legs a lot. When it comes to hitting, do I want to have skinny legs because if that happens the ball I am about to hit will not ever leave the infield. No matter how much I don’t like my thighs, or my body, I wouldn’t change a thing, because I know that no matter how more fit I would like to be the cycle never ends there.

Now the next time that you look in the mirror and you see all those flaws remember that there is no such thing as perfect. Also, do not go wishing you had this girl’s arms, or that girl’s abs, or that girl’s legs because your body is shaped in a special way.

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