Ho-ho-holiday festivities

I know many of us are ecstatic that the semester is finally coming to a close and are ready to go home.  But what about those of us spending our first Christmas here in St. Joseph?  Surprisingly, when I mention activities to do to celebrate the holidays, people weren’t always aware of the fun things to do.  So here are a few things you should try out! Pony Espresso: What says winter more than cuddling up in an artsy coffee shop with a delicious caramel macchiato and a comfy chair?  This adorable place is located at 114 South 8th St., right across the street from the St. Joseph Newspress.  They even hold events on Friday nights like poetry readings.  Definitely a place to check out. Bode Ice Arena: While it’s no Crown Center, Bode does offer more space to skate!  Yes, we do have somewhere to go ice skating here in town.  They can be found right off the exit of 36 Hwy and 28th St.  Curling classes are also offered there so if you would like to learn a new sport over Christmas break to show off to your friends, Bode is the place for you. Krug Park: If you have never driven through Krug Park to see the amazing Christmas lights and scenes, then you are missing out.  A tradition that you can start even if you won’t be staying in St. Joseph for Christmas because the lights are already up!  There are even snacks and hot chocolate at the end of it and all they ask is for a small donation. Downtown: This area of St. Joseph is often overlooked because it is off the beaten path compared to the Belt where you can stop at any big restaurant or store of your choice.  But if you are thinking of trying something new, just head downtown and take a walk.  It is very festive this time of year and there are all kinds of little shops and bistros and cafes to try out.

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