Colleges Against Cancer receives SGA approval

What was initially an innocent Facebook post about a student wishing for an organization at Missouri Western that supported cancer awareness exploded into a national chapter for Colleges Against Cancer.

CAC is a national non-profit organization that is supported by the American Cancer Society. The ACS has an office in Kansas City, Mo. Students Kathie Marquart and Shelbie Kirkendoll approached the ACS about beginning an organization that raised cancer awareness on college campuses. They were put in touch with Jeannie Wilde who is the area affiliate sponsor for CAC. Just a few short weeks ago, Marquart and Kirkendoll were posting individual posts onto Facebook about their individual wishes of raising cancer awareness on campus. After a few innocent Facebook posts, a few phone calls and a little paperwork, a new chapter of CAC arose on campus. The Western Chapter of CAC must follow the rules of the national organization. They are allowed to use CAC trademarks for awareness purposes. They must use the logos for CAC separately and not combine them with trademarks for other sponsored causes, such as Relay for Life. Western’s CAC will be responsible for finding funding, organizing and hosting events, and any merchandising. Marquart and Kirkendoll received SGA approval for the Western Chapter of CAC on Monday, Nov. 5. The Board of Officers for the Western Chapter consists of faculty advisor Nicole Eggleston, President Marquart, Vice President Kirkendoll, Secretary Jackie Ratcliff and Treasurer Hannah Souther. The Affiliate Advisor for CAC is Wilde from the American Cancer Society. CAC officially met for the first time on Nov. 14. Anyone interested in joining the ladies in support of cancer awareness should meet in the upstairs lounge area of Blum Union as the meetings will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. The goal of CAC is raising awareness; however, there are four directions each chapter must concentrate on to meet the chapter goals. Each month CAC will provide some form of media information, such as posters, pamphlets, events and fundraisers for each of the four directions. “The four directions are Survivorship, Relay for Life, Advocacy, and Cancer Education,” Kirkendoll said. “Survivorship is inclusive of family members, caretakers and friends. We just want to raise awareness.” Marquart and Kirkendoll want to reach out and offer support to any student or faculty that has had experiences with cancer. Caregivers, family members, survivors, current patients of the dreaded disease and anyone who needs support or wants to help raise awareness are welcome to join. “Our main goal for this first year is to either host or participate in the Relay for Life,” Kirkendoll said. “We would like to host a cancer survivor dinner, but may have to just combine with another organization to host one this first year.”

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