Out Front with Hunt: Universities waste students’ time, money

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When you come to college, you expect to take classes that deal with only your degree. The fact is many people don’t realize how many other classes you must take to earn that degree.

It’s amazing how much a university makes each year from students. They not only have to pay for the classes, housing, and supplies, but they now have to pay tuition for classes that deal with absolutely nothing with their degree.

It seems quite amazing that for students to graduate from college, they must take classes such as canoeing or bowling. The last time there has been a degree for either one of those courses was…never.

So why students must be forced to take these courses in college to earn their degree? The university says that it’s for us to open up new avenues to things we have never experienced. Well, that might be good for some students, but the majority of students who attend just want their degree.

It’s just plain ignorant that these are requirements for graduation. Students who plan to go into nursing are being forced to take classes in history and English. It’s just a huge joke that all four-year universities play to get more funding from students. It’s quite difficult for some students in an area that knows nothing about history or science to take those courses.

Requiring students to take courses in their degree and to chop off the rest would be beneficial. It seems and sounds easier said than done, but tech schools and two-year schools all across the country are doing it.

The solution is simple and the way to go about the process is easy as well. If universities would just require the courses students need for their degree, then the graduation rate would go up because students would be interested and not bored with these unnecessary classes.

Students get burnt out on these courses which they don’t have a greater understanding towards, and to take the load off of them to achieve and learn more from their degree would be the best solution.

Missouri Western has considered a school such as this, but the degrees are minor ones. The huge departments such as business and nursing should not require their students to take a swimming or upper history class because they will never use it.

Something is going to have to change because too many students are giving up and not looking toward that brighter future of earning a degree. These gen-ed courses are killing off the student population each year and are the result of a lower graduation rate.

It seems that the status quo needs to change now.

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