L.A.M.E. delivers; impressed by Western’s crowd

Mr. Moe and M. Taylor entertained over 400 Missouri Western students on campus. 











One room, nerve rattling beats, glowing body paint and white tees were just some of the necessities for almost 400 raging students to experience Living At Maximum Elevation at the annual Blacklight Party.

L.A.M.E was everything opposite of lame during their performance at Missouri Western. They took a crowd that’s a fraction of the size they’re used to, and blew it up into a rave fest that was impossible to avoid getting sucked into. L.A.M.E., the energy filled duo of Clifford “Mr. Moe” Clements and Michael “M. Taylor,” was shocked at the intensity level of Western.

“It was live,” Clements said. “I say Western was probably one of our best crowds as far as interacting with us and not knowing the music. They still got out there and made it live for us to come out here and do it, and that’s what’s up.”

It’s easy for artists with a full schedule to brush off little gigs here and there. For a group like L.A.M.E, every gig of every size is an opportunity to show everybody who they are.

“It was the last stop for the tour of 47 cities,” Clements said. “It was on our way home, so we were like ‘Hey, let’s get it.’”

A lot of students showed up not knowing what to expect, having heard of them before. With a resume full of openings for stars like Wiz Khalifa and Drake, it was enough to get a crowd of curious students to see what they were all about.

Dancing was a for-sure element and was nearly impossible to avoid. If you ever found time to just stand on the dance floor during a song, you’d be reminded you were on the second floor by the shifting floorboards beneath your feet.

Students like sophomore Ceara Boldridge, who enjoys listening to that genre of music, found a new group to add to her like list.

“They were cool and I like their music a lot,” Boldridge said, “They were really upbeat and it makes for fun music to dance to.”

Other students, like freshman Meara Smith, were amazed by their stage presence.

“They were really energetic and it was cool how they brought people up on stage,” Smith said. “They knew what they were doing.”

That energy was constantly exchanging back and forth between L.A.M.E. and the crowd. Taylor could feel the liveliness of the students.

“We’ve been to some big schools and big crowds, and (Western) is definitely top five,” Taylor said.

Students and fans can expect more to come from this duo as they continue to rise up in the music industry. Although they have a busy schedule planned over the next two years (a Canada tour, followed by a spring break tour, a releasing of a new album on Dec. 24 and shooting two major motion pictures in 2013), they still want an opportunity to come back to Western.

“Everybody was out there with their L.A.M.E. T-shirts on out there showing us a lot of love,” Taylor said. “Bring us back man. We’d love to come back.”

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