Fulton runs the show for Griffons

Junior college transfer Adarius Fulton is impacting the Griffons basketball team with his leadership in his first season at Western. “I try to talk to everybody on D (defense) and try to keep everybody’s spirits high,” Fulton said. “When things are going right in the game I can pick everybody up and let them know we have to be mentally tough.” Fulton has claimed the starting point guard position and impressed in his first two exhibition games.  He scored 20 points against Division I Missouri State on 6-for-7 from 3-point range and 7-for-9 from the field and added three assists and dropped 18 points with four assists and three steals against Livin’ the Dream. “I love the system, as far as the offense goes,” Fulton said. “Coach [Tom] Smith kind of lets you play to your strengths.  It’s nothing like ‘go shoot threes’ or ‘go ball hog.’  Everybody passes the ball -- sometimes people overpass. He lets you do what you can do but not get carried away.” Smith sees Fulton as a pure point guard who stays under control and tries to make the smart play. At 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds, he has good size for the point guard position. “Teammates say I’m kind of slow with the ball, so I do the best that I can to speed it up,” Fulton said.  “I’m composed, and I like to speed it up a little bit and slow it down if I don’t have something.” Fulton hails from Lithonia, Ga., and played two seasons at St. Johns River State College. He made first team All-Mid Florida Conference in 2011 and 2012 and was also named All-Region in 2012.   His team won enough games to finish third in the conference during his freshman season, but he is coming off of a losing season due to a depleted roster as a sophomore. Fulton hasn’t experienced what playing against MIAA competition is like, but is very confident that the Griffons can fly under the radar and be a winning team. “In my mind we are number one already,” Fulton said. “We just have to have that attitude that we are number one.  I’ve heard the league is very physical, but we are physical too so I think we can be number one in the conference.” If there’s one thing that matters to Fulton, it’s keeping great team chemistry and sticking together through any rough times throughout the season. “Things are going to get bad, maybe the ref makes a bad call, or teams jump on us and we just have to stay together as a family,” he said. “Listen to coach Smith most of all and just play hard.”

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