Editorial: Hidden fees create chaos for students

The future of students graduating has been trampled down by hidden fees and secretive dates making it almost impossible for graduation. Missouri Western might offer students a great opportunity through earning a degree, but trying to get out of college after you have passed all these classes might be a challenge. Students who are seniors and looking forward to graduation have many obstacles to get through before they can walk across that stage to receive their diploma. It seems that many students who are entering their last year of college don’t receive much guidance through the university. The only source of information that students may receive is through email about deadline dates. Though that might be the way things have been done at Western in prior years, it doesn’t make it the right one. Advisers can give students guidance about classes, but as for the dates, times and seconds leading up to deadlines, many of them don’t have that information. Students who plan to graduate in the fall have to apply months in advance.  If its students pass a deadline date, they are forced to pay an additional fee of $25 on top of the $40 to be required for graduation and it’s the same for the spring semester. The problem doesn’t stop there because it continues on with other fees that students still have not been given information on. If you are a student who is a double major, you are required to pay an additional fee on top of the first one you are paying for. Western could offer students a better viewpoint on when deadline dates are so they won’t be forced down this avenue. Seniors are heading down into the final stretch if they plan on graduating in December, but for those who plan to graduate in the spring should consider looking at what is required for graduation now. The deadline for the spring was this past week, and students now have five days to pay the additional fee to be considered for graduation if you didn’t know. There was no real information released and now students are again put back in the black. The only additional information students can get about deadline dates is through the registrar’s office or online hidden within the registrar’s website. The big detail that students should know about is that official transcripts with graduation information and the Western diploma will not be released if any financial obligation exists with the university. So if you’re a senior headed into the final stretch of your college career, consider taking action now and letting Western know they need clear instructions for students to get out and receive their degree.

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