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Dr. Philip Nitse has served as dean of the Craig School of Business since 2010 and interim dean of the College of Professional Studies since 2011, but he is following his desire to return to the classroom as a member of the CSB faculty.

Missouri Western Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jeanne Daffron announced Monday that there was a “change in the leadership” of both the CPS and the CSB.

“Philip’s specialty is marketing so I suspect he will be teaching those types of classes,” Saffron said. She also stated that it would be a week or so before the details of his full teaching load are completely worked out along with his new salary.

“We thank him for his service to Missouri Western and his efforts to maintain the high level of quality in both the Craig School of Business and the College of Professional Studies,” Daffron said.

Daffron also announced plans to bring back the previous interim dean of the CSB, Carol Roever who served in that position from the CSB’s inception, in 2008, until Dr. Nitse’s arrival in 2010. She also served from 2006 to 2008 as the chair of the business department.

Roever has been a consultant to the business school, with oversight of Western’s operations concerning the Rock Mountain Chocolate Factory partnership since her retirement.

“I worked out of my home,” Roever said. “But I never quit working with students, and I always will.”

She took the position of interim dean of the Craig School of Business effective Nov. 6 with the appreciation of the provost.

“We are so appreciative because transition time can be just really hard on everyone,” Daffron said. “Carol has been involved and knows what is going on. We are fortunate to have this opportunity to continue the initiatives without missing a beat.”

Daffron’s announcement covered the leadership of the CSB, but there was no one announced as the interim chair of the CPS in Mondays news release.

“The provost’s office will provide leadership for the College of Professional Studies until an interim dean is named at a later date,” Assistant Public Relations and Marketing Director Kent Heier said in the news release.

Daffron said nothing has been determined yet. “There are many candidates for interim dean, but you have to consider their work load and situations now. I’ve met with the department chairs, we’ll get it figured out.”

The CPS has had the Craig School of Business removed from the college, rejoined, and now is separated again. Daffron plans to keep the two separate in the future.

“We never intended it to be permanently joined.” She explained that the union of the two was because of budget restriction and planning for a tighter budget in the future.

“I can’t say that there hasn’t been an effect on people,” Daffron said. “It’s just that when you have transition you have just that, transition to adjust to.”

It is unusual for a dean to move in the middle of a semester.

“In an administration position is much less unusual,” Daffron said. “Administration works on a calendar year more than a school year.”

Daffron’s plan is to get the position advertised soon but understands that people to fit this position usually want to finish the academic year where they are. She suspects the position of dean of CPS will be open or filled with an interim until June or July of next year.

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