WAC expects to frighten students in Spratt

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Graphic by Chad Hammontree

You might be too old to go treat-or-treating, but you are never too old for a scary movie on the scariest day of the year.

This Halloween, Western Activities Council will be showing the movie “Friday the 13th,” and the event is open for all students as well as the community.

However, Vice Chair of WAC Tony Dougherty wanted to give students something different to participate in for the holiday. A night of screams and a scary movie is what he expects students to participate in on the night of the event.

The only twist is, in order to get to Spratt 101, you must first go through a haunted hallway where frightening Halloween characters will jump out and try to scare you before the movie starts.

“It’s going to be more of a haunted hallway-type of setup,” Dougherty said. “We felt that it was something fun to do before the movie started. We are hoping that the showing of ‘Friday the 13th’ entices more people to come out. Everyone should have fun.”

Dougherty also noted that there would be a door that students can walk through in order to get to the movie if they do not want to partake in the haunted hallway.

The event will not be your average haunted hallway. Members of the WAC organization have worked to come up with great ideas to help the students enjoy themselves at the event.

“We tried to get opinions from all of the members,” Dougherty said. “We are getting the necessary materials needed to make the event scary. We will have people wearing mask to help make the haunted hallway more realistic. It’s not going to be anything too huge, but something fun for everyone to do.”

Everyone who attends is allowed to dress up into the Halloween costumes that they picked out and a prize will be giving to whoever is best dressed.

The original plan for the movie night was to show an action movie to students but the plan was changed when Dougherty felt that he had an even bigger idea that helped members of WAC think outside of the box.

Student Life Director Isaiah Collier noted that it started out as something simple but expanded to something fun.

“The original movie that we intended to play was going to be either the ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Batman’ movie,” Collier said. “Tony decided to push those movies and show a movie that fit with the Halloween theme.”
Members of WAC felt that it was time for Western to get involved with developing events like this so all students can get out and try something new.

“On most campuses, they do something special for Halloween or any holiday,” Collier said. “A lot of schools have events such as haunted hayrides and haunted houses for their students to participate in. WAC wanted to do something that would get our students out of the resident halls.”

Student Gov. Brian Shewell feels that the event is something good and fresh for the campus. He thinks students should never have to constantly be in their rooms, and an event like this allows students to take advantage of that. Shewell hopes for all students to attend the event because a good effort has been made by all members of the organization.

“One of Western activities goals is to continue to try and keep students on campus as much as possible,” Shewell said. “The thing with keeping people on campus, is keeping them entertained with fun events to attend.”


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