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There’s a ‘Kill Shot’ in St. Joseph

English instructor Dana Andrews is known for his strong liberal stance, a great passion for literature, and his sprinklings of an F-bomb or two into conversations for effect; and when it comes to his hobby of racquetball, he comes to play.

In addition to writing novels, and having been an accomplished screenwriter in Los Angeles, Dana ‘Kill Shot’ Andrews is also an avid racquetball player.

Andrews began playing pretty much on a whim, with no influence. He started off with a rudimentary version of it.

“I played a similar game called paddleball where I grew up in Florida,”Andrews said. “No one taught me to play, really. Just read and watched others.”

There are several of Western’s faculty that join Andrews on the courts and enjoy the sport in their free time.

“Right now there are actually quite a few really good players here,” Andrews said. “Mike Cadden, who is the chair of our department, he is really good; Todd Eckdahl, who is the chair of the biology department, he is a very good player; the three of us always play together here on campus, the three of us play against each other.”

Beyond playing on campus, Andrews also ventures downtown to match his skills against other players.

“I play mostly here in town at the YMCA, that’s where the best players in town play.”

English professor and Director of composition, Dr. Kay Siebler, also knows about Andrew’s rank.

“He doesn’t play pro, but he is very good,” Siebler said. “There are different levels; there is professional, and then there is elite; he is not quite elite, but I think he is in the upper echelon.”

There are several ranks when it comes to skill level in racquetball, Andrews said. They go as followed:
• Pro
• Expert
• A
• B
• C
• D (novice)

Andrews ranks himself in the high B to low A ranks.

Department Chair, fellow professor, and sometimes opponent, Dr. Michael Cadden, is all too familiar with Andrew’s prowess.

“He is an active racquetball player, he plays in tournaments,” Cadden said. “He just participated in one this weekend and won a doubles tournament.”

(More details of that tournament can be found on the English, foreign languages and journalism blog available from the homepage for Missouri Western.)

Andrews reinforced Cadden’s statement by adding “…we actually smoked them.”

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