“The Voice” takes over Western

[caption id="attachment_13202" align="alignnone" width="300"] Pictured here is Sara Matthews during her performance of "The Voice".[/caption] Missouri Western has decided to pick up on the craze that has followed "The Voice" by creating its own version. Student Life Director Isaiah Collier came up with the idea to have "The Voice of Western" on campus. “I was watching the show at home one night and it hit me that this might be something the students would really get into,” Collier said. Collier put student Justin Edwards in charge of setting up "The Voice of Western." “Obviously we had to downscale because of our campus size to make it easier for students to participate," Edwards said. "Other than that we tried to change as little as possible from the show." The first auditions were on Oct. 4 and Oct. 18. The three team captains are Morgan Breckenridge, Sarah Waters and Derek Thompson. “We reached out to the music department and they recommended these three because they are advanced music students with an extraordinary ear for talent,” Collier said. In the first night of auditions they each chose six participants to be on their team. Originally there were going to be five members per team, but the number of people that showed up to audition was higher than anticipated. “There were some amazingly talented people and I was so impressed with the voices he heard in the first night," Breckenridge said. "The main thing we looked for in people, besides a good voice obviously, is confidence in their voice because stage presence and confidence can make up for a mistake in their voice.” The competition has two more nights of competition. The other two shows are on Thursdays Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 in Leah Spratt Hall. Morgan was very excited about the range of competitors there were at the first auditions. “Everybody that was chosen to compete has very different and unique styles so it will be very interesting to see how they use those styles to their advantage,” she said. The team captains are in charge of eliminating the contestants up until the last day of competition. Then a special guest judge will come in and help to make the final decision. “Although I won’t tell who the special guest is, I think people will be excited and enjoy his or her input,” Collier said. After the final competition, all of the students will vote for a winner. Edwards and Collier haven’t decided exactly how they will get and tally the votes. They are looking into a text line to help, but nothing is certain yet. The winner of "The Voice of Western" wins $1,000 in cash.

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