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“The Laugh Floor” started off with a little bit of a problem on Oct. 11. The sound system wouldn’t work, but the students of the Western Activities Council quickly figured that problem out and got the skits on their way.

In the event each organization was given a Disney movie to base their skit on and a challenge to complete while on stage. The Phi Delta Theta fraternity started off with “Toy Story,” and their challenge was to have someone say “There’s a snake in my boot” while hopping on one leg.

Next was Alpha Sigma Alpha with “Alice in Wonderland,” where their challenge was that one person had to salute every person that spoke to them. The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority followed them with “Pocahontas.”

Student-Athlete Advisory Council did an interesting rendition of the “Lion King,” in which they had to have someone say “over” after every time he or she spoke. Alpha Gamma Delta had the “Little Mermaid,” and their challenge was to sing Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” during their skit.

Phi Sigma Kappa was second to last in the lineup and their skit was based on “Pirates of the Caribbean.” To end the skits, Vaselakos Hall performed a few different versions of “Cinderella” for everyone.

Although the skits were entertaining they were far from the main event. Comedian Donnell Rawlings rode out from backstage on a golf cart. Once he hit the stage, the audience instantly filled the gym with laughter.

With Rawlings’ new favorite punch line being “Take it to the face,” he had students, like freshman Logan Smith, and visitors laughing the entire show.

“I came to see some of my friends perform in the skits, but I am glad I stayed for the comedian because he had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat throughout the show,” Smith said.

Although over 600 people attended, not everybody was able to make it, however. While he heard the event was fun, freshman Cooper Roberts didn’t make it to the stands.

“I couldn’t make it to the laugh floor because I had other plans,” Roberts said. “I wish the school would have advertised it more, and I definitely would have left my schedule open. I heard it was a great show.”

For some standards, Rawlings’ comedy is a little crude and vulgar but he made it a point to show that it was all just a joke for the audience to enjoy. The show came with an adult supervision advisory but from the sounds of the crowd none of them minded his humor.

Rawlings performed for over an hour and left stage saying his most famous line “I’m rich b****” After the show he had a short meet and greet with members of the WAC staff who put on the show for everyone.

When Donnell was asked, after the show, how he realized he wanted to be a comedian he said, “I started out going to a comedy club with my friends as a heckler. Finally the owner of the club challenged me to get onstage and try. After the first time I went on stage I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

He also said, “I got my funny side from my family. No matter what tough situation we were going through in our lives we could make each other laugh and get through it. Always enjoying the moments that we had.”

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