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For the past few years, organizations have the impression that the Griffon News is a demonized group of students that are out to give the school organizations bad reputations. That analogy is completely untrue. The Griffon News is an organization of student journalists who cover numerous events, meetings and sports events on campus. We are not out to destroy the reputation of organizations, we are here to cover stories, and editorials that have a major impact on  funding and the basic rights of the students. The major organization that deals strictly with students is the Student Government Association. We know those involved in past or present SGA are wary to speak to reporters from the Griffon News. The idea that we are going to bash this organization on a weekly basis is false. We don’t want to report negativity each week on organizations, but we believe that when the organization spends a great deal of funding in a particular place that it should be covered in the news. As journalists of the Griffon News, we also cover the Board of Governors, administration and Faculty Senate, which makes major policy changes and implements new ones each year; the most recent being the smoking and alcohol policies, which were given strict critiques over the handling of each in our Editorials. The Griffon News also gives students the opportunity to have their voices heard, and what we cover is what is happening now. Students have their opinions on the handling of their money that is invested into the Student Government Association each year. Students  just want to be told the truth -- that is what we're here for. We report directly to the students the 5 Ws: who is directly handling this change, what purpose will it serve, when is it being done, where is it coming from and why is it being done. This is just a note to those who believe we are out to get their organization and to let you know we are in fact, not. If your organization deals with a majority of students and their money, we will report on it without bias. If it is not in the best interest for the entire student body, we will critique it. However, we will continue to work with any group if they are honest with not just us, but with the entire student body.

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