Jordan brothers have impact on both sides of the ball

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The Jordan brothers’ talent is impacting both sides of the football for the No. 5 ranked Griffons, but that’s nothing new for Reggie and Michael.

“We been doing this for a while so we’re kind of used to it now,” Reggie said.  “I’m not at all surprised; all of this was expected.”

Freshman cornerback Michael and junior tight-end Reggie have been playing football together since Reggie was a seventh grader and Michael was playing on the team as a fifth grader.

“No one really played football in our household, we were the first ones, but our family is behind us 100 percent in what we’re doing,” Reggie said.

Reggie has turned into a lethal weapon in the red zone as he leads the Griffons with four touchdown receptions in five games, a total that tops the production from his first two seasons combined.

“With my size, I’m actually a threat so it’s easy to just throw the ball up to me when we get near the end zone,” Reggie said.

Coach Jerry Partridge predicted Reggie would have a breakout year in ’12 before the season started.

“Reggie started making his impact last year, he did a good job and made some big catches,” Partridge said. “He’s started to become the tight end we thought he could be.”

Coming to Western wasn’t easy for Reggie because he started off buried on the depth chart as the fifth string tight end.  He didn’t let it discourage him and worked his way to the top of the depth chart.

“I just think coach really trusts me now,” Reggie said. “That’s obviously the thing now.  He’s really bringing tight ends into the offense.  The last couple of years we weren’t such a big deal, but now he’s really trying to get me the ball.”

Playing on different sides of the ball gives the Jordan brothers a chance to watch each other play and show support.

“I go crazy when he makes a big catch or a touchdown,” Michael said. “I’m the first one to congratulate him.”

Michael has wasted no time showing off his skill set. In his redshirt freshman season, the cornerback leads the Griffons in interceptions with two, including one at the end of the Central Oklahoma game that he took back 42 yards for a touchdown.  He also has 23 tackles, which ranks third on the team.

“Size is a strength, I feel like I can dominate receivers off the line,” Michael said. “Looking at me, a lot of receivers will get intimidated and with me being able to move just as good as a small guy is a plus, it’s hard to for them to go over the top.”

Michael’s played offense and defense in high school, but his main position was receiver.  Playing defense was something that the coaches chose for him and it’s paying off.

“We are fortunate that Reggie came here because his brother Mike followed and he’s going to be a very good corner,” Partridge said.  “He has size, speed, hands, he can tackle, he can do everything.”

The Jordan brothers won a championship at powerhouse Hazlewood High School during Reggie’s senior year and hope to have a similar ending to this season with the Griffons.

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