Students ‘Jump In’ to Homecoming

Jump In gathered students to join in a night filled with fun activities.

Student Life Director Isaiah Collier estimated the participants of the Homecoming activity “Jump In” at 60 students, with close to another 90 in the bleachers cheering on their favorite team, fraternity or sorority.

Jump In began at 6 p.m. on Oct. 8 at Spratt Stadium with seven relay-type games set for members of sororities, fraternities, and teams made from dorm halls competing against the clock.

“Tonight we have seven obstacle courses, the first is hula-hoop, we have a ball throw, some Frisbees, bean bag tossing, and some balloons going on,” Homecoming Committee Chair Ashley Stegal said. “It’s a little bit of everything.”

Another event Stegal forgot to mention was the lemon race, which is actually carrying a whiffle ball in a spoon through a walking course. The evening’s strong wind made this and other events difficult.

There was a combination obstacle course that included the human wheel barrel, three-legged race and other types of difficult physical activities all combined and timed.

The ball throw was actually a ball of paper. Participants tried to roll up sheets of paper and throw them into baskets at different distances.

“Those were supposed to be paper planes,” Collier said. “But, with the wind it would be too difficult.”

The hula-hoops were used in a non-traditional way. Each team formed a circle and joined hands. The hula-hoop was maneuvered up the arm and each member’s body was passed through without letting go of each other’s hands. Students can check out the video coverage event on

“The most difficult thing was popping the balloon or tossing the paper into the basket because of the wind,” participant senior Kim Robinson said. Several students found sitting on a balloon only to be a cushion and popped their balloon only when others assisted.

Robinson’s team was one of the first finished. One of her teammates, freshman Janie Smith said some of the events were tough.

“The beanbag toss was difficult because it was really far away,” Smith said.

However, student Shelby Bratton’s team had no problem with the hula-hoop race.

“I thought it was easy, but the most difficult was the paper toss because of the wind,” Bratton said.

All during the events the bleachers would often ring out with cheers and chants from sorority and fraternity sisters and brothers as each team competed by working together and using their skills to solve problems and complete the courses.

To view highlights of the event go to this link.

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