Student Wellness Fair sees success

[caption id="attachment_12951" align="alignnone" width="300"] Chris Mullier (left) is pictured here at the Western Wellness Fair for students last week.[/caption] Tuesday, Oct. 16, was an opportunity for students at Missouri Western. Sponsors held the Student Wellness Fair from noon-4 p.m. in the Fulkerson Center. This is the third health fair here at Western, and each year, the number of students has grown. At 11:45 a.m., students were outside the Fulkerson to take full advantage of free health benefits. Over 15 different organizations came together, including Esry Health Center, the American Red Cross and iTriage, to have this event for the students. The first 125 students were given free blood work by the Heartland Regional Medical and Wellness Center. After that, students were still encouraged to get blood work, but with a fee of $35 subtracted from their student account. While flu shots costs $15, the first 125 students received free flu shots. Baker Fitness Center Coordinator Amy Foley believes there were many opportunities for students at the Student Wellness Fair. “Not only are there opportunities to get important things like blood work and your flu shot, but there is a ton of educational information available to pick up," Foley said. "There are nursing students as well as registered nurses from Heartland [Regional Medical Center] to answer any questions about the information that you may have.” The main health topic booths were appropriate antibiotic use and resistance as well as differentiation between the cold, flu, etc. Among the other informational booths were current hot topics such as sex education and STIs, dangers of energy drinks, body mass index and much more. Student Jamie Brinnen said the fair benefitted nursing majors, like herself, especially. “Even though there are many benefits for Missouri Western students in general, I think the benefits for us, nursing students is getting the experience of doing these things on people,” Brinnen said. Many registered nurses from Heartland came to teach Western students about different health issues that we face today. One of them was Stephanie Wegenka, an RN at Heartland Breast Center. “Informing you students about how to give yourself monthly checkups and if you find and irregularities to contact us is very important to us at Heartland," Wegenka said. "Early detections can help stop almost anything at this point in time.” Not only did the Student Wellness Fair have many informational booths but also there were physical assessments showing students how they are healthy or where they need to improve. There were prizes to be won at the booths by correctly answering questions about the information given.

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