Student input is what we are all about.

Want to be part of the Griffon News? We are asking our viewers what they would like to see from the Griffon News in the paper each week. In the past couple of weeks the staff has been receiving comments from viewers just like you, and we are delivering.  We are now connecting to more social media networks. Each week the Griffon News produces a newspaper that features four sections including news, features, opinions and sports. We cover many events, individuals and sporting events, but we know there is much more to cover. If you are part of an organization, academic department, or team send us information on a story that you think might be interesting for the whole student body. The opinions page is always open to students, faculty, and administrations opinions on topics that deal with issues of politics, student life, campus, or other topics that are close to student’s interest. We ask if you plan to do a letter to the editor that you recognize the guidelines for approval. First, make sure you are at 350 to 400 words, and second you must include your name. The Griffon News is a growing news media for Missouri Western, and its main focus is to find stories that matter most to students. The staff receives numerous emails from individuals asking us to cover their event for a story, and though we are not able to cover each and every event, we will continue to ask for your input. We have provided this column on the Griffon News website under the opinion tab. If you would like to leave a comment at the bottom of the page for ideas and updates for online media coverage, or improvements to the paper please feel free to do so. If you would like to see improvements to the face book, or twitter account please contact the online editor at

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